01/24 hours/Spa is the first exclusive Orange1 bike by Colnago dedicated to the legendary race that takes place in the Belgian circuit. 
Orange1 and Colnago represent the Italian excellence  and share values ​​such as creativity and technology as part of their DNA.
Born  from the racetrack as a collector's item, this bike is ready to express its own character in total purity and freedom. 
It boasts extremely technological design solutions by creating a perfect symbiosis with the precious materials. 
Limited edition of only 24 pieces worldwide, each piece is individually custom made. The C-60-01, made exclusively for Orange1, is a unique frame, beyond compare, fully handmade in Italy with great care.
The frame is made of carbon fiber, with star-shaped lugs and tubes, an iconic design element that started with the Master.
The sections of the tubes have increased volume with thinner walls.
The same concerns the lugs: they are larger and stiffer, designed with the same shape of the tubes which provide greater stiffness and resistance to bending.
The rear dropouts have also been completely redesigned, to reduce weight and achieve greater lateral stiffness. Finally, the construction technique used in the C60 offers an unprecedented range of sizes, nine sloping and five horizontal, with custom sizing also an option. 

This authentic piece of art has been unveiled Saturday, July the 30th 2016, at the Orange1 Village just before the start of the 24 hours race in the presence of Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini research & development director. No one could possibly be better than him to present this great technological jewel.

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